It is said that Livigno advances the seasons, but the abundant snowfall of recent days has literally made the “Piccolo Tibet” a whitewashed paradise, the ideal to celebrate the 30th anniversary of “la Sgambeda” on 30th November and the Minisgambeda dedicated to the apprentices of narrow skis, events available to all cross-country skiers – old and young – accompanied by the prestigious contest visma Ski classics on Friday 29th November and Sunday 1st December, aimed to officially open the long-distance season.

After the abundant fall of snowflakes, the organizing committee of Livigno was able to widen the cross-country ring, which in these days will be further extended in view of the end-of-month competitions.

The conditions are now optimal for amateurs to enjoy a fantastic cross-country race, with the registration wide open – to the price of 60 euro – providing competitors with a beautiful sweatshirt and products of historical partners, without forgetting the medal carved by local artisans.

The sport menu of “La Sgambeda” offers 30 km in free technique not too difficult and suitable for all tastes, you just need to know how to juggle with skis and be in good physical condition, an effort rewarded by moments of relaxation that only Livigno can offer.

As for the times and schedule of “La Sgambeda”, Thursday, 28th November (14–19) the distribution of race bibs will be held in Plaza Placheda, as well as Friday (9 – 12.30 and 14 – 19) and Saturday (7.30 – 9) before the official departure of the 30th edition (11 a.m.), followed by pasta party (12.30 – 16.00) and awards ceremony (15.00). In the evening the attention goes to the little ones with “La Minisgambeda” (17.00).

Livigno is worth a long visit, and using the holiday packages you can enjoy a stay in the hotel for a minimum of one night (apartments minimum 7 nights), an inscription to “La Sgambeda” of Saturday, 30th November and a free entry into the Wellness&Relax of Aquagranda Active You, another paradise, but for swimmers. Having fun taking the whole family to breathe pure air, this is the diktat of the events of Livigno. More Information about accommodation:

All information to register, rules and program on the site:

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