With the 32nd edition of the Sgambeda, scheduled for Sunday 18 December, Livigno confirms once again to be the favourite destination of cross-country skiing and of all its fans, professional and not.
After the recent awarding of the Sprint World Cup stage, scheduled for 21 and 22 January, the first in the centenary history of Livigno, it is in fact the turn of the traditional granfondo, which for more than three decades has characterised the winters of the resort.

The course, 35 kilometres, runs from the Livigno plain to the most beautiful mountain landscapes, and will test the competitors, who will be called to run it in free technique. Five categories are foreseen, subdivided according to the age of the participants: from 18 to 30, from 31 to 40, from 41 to 50, from 51 to 60, and finally the over 60s, testifying to the inclusive and participative nature of one of the most complete sports of all. In each category, registration is open until 15 December, by visiting

Great expectations, therefore, in Livigno for an event that over the years has been able to carve out a special place in the hearts of its visitors, always fascinated by the triangle of sport, culture and tradition proposed by the format. The start and finish near the town centre, in fact, give the event a unique setting, while maintaining the technical complexity of a circuit of absolute level. A circuit that, in part, is already available to the athletes, thanks to the opening of the cross-country ring, which took place on 28 October: the practice of snowfarming, also this year, allowed the skiers who came to Livigno to finish their preparation to put on their skis before everyone else.

In addition, for the 32nd edition of the Sgambeda, there was also the welcome return of the Pasta Party and the prize-giving ceremony, at the Centro Polifunzionale in Plaza Placheda, after two winters affected by Covid regulations.  The perfect way to reconnect with the traditional format of the event, which has always been the perfect meeting point between competitive and amateur sport. A not-to-be-missed appointment for all snow and cross-country skiing lovers, who will therefore meet in Little Tibet on 18 December to celebrate the arrival of winter with a day of fun, nature and competition.

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