The whitewashed Little Tibet of Italy hosts many international stars, so the countdown to the December event has begun.

“Winter is coming” is a famous motto of one of the most famous Houses in modern literature and looking at the calendar that is indeed the case. However, if winter is looming just about everywhere, in Livigno – thanks to its strategic location and unique microclimate – it has arrived well ahead of all other Italian resorts. Heavy snowfalls have changed the landscape of Little Tibet, whitening the valleys, the forests, and the town centre creating a magic atmosphere.

A boon not only for tourists but also for winter sports enthusiasts and above all for cross-country skiers since the track in the village plain is already open and available to everyone. A technical loop of several kilometres, which keeps being extended day by day and will reach its full length in the coming weeks. A real cross-country skier’s paradise made of 35 kilometres of forests, trees, and pristine snow.

A beauty and precociousness that has been noticed even by the great champions of the discipline, who choose Livigno en masse every year as a training location combining the benefits of altitude training with plenty of natural snow.

Johannes Høsflot Klæbo, king of the discipline and one of the most winning athletes ever, the whole male and female Norwegian national team, the Frenchman Lucas Chavanat, who stood 16 times on the World Cup podium, the male and female Swedish selection: these are just some of the stars you can meet going cross country skiing on the technical loop in Livigno as proof of the deep relationship that binds the town and this discipline. A bond that is best expressed through the event La Sgambeda, which has been bringing the whole community together for decades around this noble sport made up of hard work and participation. A unique moment of empathy with nature, with other, and with the snow.

Also in 2023, La Sgambeda will therefore be one of the most eagerly awaited events of the winter schedule thanks to its long tradition and deep connection with the inhabitants of Livigno. The 30-kilometre race is taking place on Sunday, 17 December preceded on Saturday by La MiniSgambeda an event that once again highlights Livigno’s focus on sport as an instrument of social wellbeing and collective growth.

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