Livigno: everything is ready for the BWT Sgambeda

Thanks to the abundant snowfall, the completion of the cross-country track that will host the event is imminent: 30 km of sport and nature open to the public

Winter has definitely arrived, in Livigno, and with its heavy snowfall has whitened from top to bottom one of the favourite tourist-sport destinations for tourists and athletes from all over Europe, giving a breathtaking view. The timing is truly perfect, with the Sgambeda, a traditional early season event, now just around the corner, scheduled for the weekend of 16 and 17 December. The Piccolo Tibet cross-country race, in fact, has long been an integral part of the identity of the area, because it manages to perfectly combine the sporting DNA of the locality and its strong historical character, giving the event a real aura of magic.

For this 2023 edition, moreover, a welcome novelty, the name of the competition is linked, for the first time in its history, to that of the Austrian company BWT, an acronym for Best Water Technology, which has been active in the field of water treatment systems for over thirty years. It is a meeting of similar philosophies and a profound communion of intentions, that which unites the Mondsee and Livigno-based company, linked by the shared desire to contribute to the creation of a cleaner world, where an ethical and conscious use of water resources can be promoted. A theme that is as topical as ever, even in this early winter, during which many mountain realities have suffered.

While waiting for the start of the race weekend, which will be inaugurated by the MiniSgambeda on Saturday 16 December, the first event of the weekend, all Nordic skiing enthusiasts will be able to start experiencing the race track, which will be available to the public, in its entirety, from the end of this week, thus offering lovers of the discipline the first moments to remember of a season that already promises to be very long and unforgettable.

30 abundant kilometres of Alpine beauty, evocative passages through the woods and immaculate snow: the perfect place to unite the love of nature and the love of sport on the same horizon. A timeless passion, which for thirty-three years has found in the Sgambeda one of its most successful expressions at national level. The event is scheduled for Sunday 17 December, and for which some bibs are still available: the last opportunity to take part in a race that is, at the same time, history and sport, participation and challenge, tradition and future.

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